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E10: The Front Lines of Spatial Computing + AI | Live Panel

Exploring the impact & promise of spatial computing & AI on the front lines of business & creativity

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This is a live recording of a panel we did with Artist & the Machine during a 'Spatial Computing Salon' in LA.

Artist & The Machine is an awesome new event series put on by my friend Dani Van De Sande. She's pulling together an amazing community of builders, brands, and investors to connect in-real life to share ideas, co-create, and meld minds; all with a similar focus as Medium Energy: to champion the elements of tech that make us more human, not less.

This panel featured a very diverse and awesome line up of entrepreneurs within spatial computing.

We had Neha Singh, the founder & CEO of ObsessAR. Obsess is building the future of e-commerce via immersive, virtual retail environments. They’re effectively giving brands a digital 'come inside' button, helping customers better interact with and understand products.

We also had Reza Ali, CEO and Founder of Valence 3D: a 3D modeling app for iPhone, iPad, and eventually VisionPro. Check it out… it’s a really slick 3D creation tool for non-3D experts.

And lastly, Don Allen Stevenson, a prominent influence & creator in this space, educating people on all the ways to use AI and spatial. He also has one of the best nick names I've heard in the content creation realm — “the Bob Ross of the metaverse’...

Bob Ross | Biography, Art, Death, & Facts | Britannica

If you don't know who Bob Ross is, your probably a Gen Z’er… *sigh- Just look him up on YouTube. A true gem of the 80's and 90's public TV era..

During the panel, we hit on all kinds of juicy topics at the heart of Spatial Computing and AI, including:

  • How to address people’s fear & skeptcisim about this brave new world

  • The impact we’re all seeing from this tech on both business & creativity

  • And of course, we wax poetic and get philosophical about the long term implications of this interface for society writ large...

Alright enough preamble, let's dive into the show, and if you enjoy, please do subsribe, give us a rating on Apple/Spotify, and perhaps share with a friend or two!