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E11: Why Spatial Computing Matters | The past, present, and future of human computer interaction

A live panel recording from SXSW

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Heads up, experimenting with a new podcast publishing mechanism. Just a fair warning in case I have to re-post this!

Welcome back friends to Medium Energy!

This is another live panel recording from SXSW. It’s also one of my favorite panels to date…

It was titled ‘Redefining Reality’, so as you probably guessed, it’s about all things spatial computing i.e. the full spectrum of immersive, interactive real-time 3D experiences… from 3D on the web, to headsets like the Vision Pro, to simulations on phones/tablets/laptops.

If you’re in search of talk tracks to pitch friends, family, or colleagues on why spatial computing matters, and why its worth investing in, you're going to enjoy this one.

The panel includes a variety of leaders and really great thinkers in the space, representing hardware/software for creating VFX at live events (Disguise, CXO Alex Wills), to Snap and their AR lens creator platform (Snap Global Director of Creative Studio, Resh Sidhu), to one of the top agencies in the world building spatial applications (Arcade XR CEO, John Meggitt)

This array of experience and perspectives allowed us to cover a variety compelling topics, including:

  • The real 'so what' behind spatial computing, and the more fundamental & philosophical impact it will have.

  • The idea of this not being just spatial computing, but rather 'experiential computing', and why that could change, well… everything.

  • We also get practical and a bit technical, exploring the best practices brands need to consider to properly build & take advantage of spatial computing as it matures and transforms... and how to do so beyond just headsets.

I think you'll really enjoy this one, especially if you're trying to incorporate spatial into your company and/or work life. So let me know what you think, and if you do indeed enjoy, please consider sharing with a friend and leaving a review on Apple/Spotify!

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