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E12: Quarterly Market Update | May 2024

Our inaugural quarterly market update with Hatem Dhiab

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Alright folks, we’re launching a new addition to the content lineup: ‘The Quarterly Market Update’

Typically, we cover the more philosophical and practical sides of AI, Spatial Computing and Crypto.

Today, we’re exploring how to make money and grow wealth from these innovations.

Towards that end, this new segment will explore the most important things happening in financial markets and in the economy, with the goal of helping you better invest and plan for the future.

The plan is to do this right on the tails of earnings season... after all the most important companies show their financial cards.

To kick off this new series, we're leaning on a good friend and my go-to person for navigating the complexity of today’s market... and that's Hatem Dhiab.

Hatem is a Managing Partner at Gerber Kawasaki: one of the more renowned wealth management firms here in LA area.

Gerber Kawasaki well known for being more on the cutting edge of investing, particularly for being early bulls on Tesla and NVIDIA, placing heavy bets before the consensus rush. They've also trail blazed in giving clients early access to crypto.

So put on your money making cap, and enjoy this wide ranging chat on all things investing & current market conditions.

Medium Energy by Evan Helda
Medium Energy
Medium Energy explores technology, being human, and how to find the right balance between the two. It has three key themes:
(1) Exponential Technology: the convergence of spatial computing (AR/VR), blockchain (web3), and artificial intelligence (AI); a trifecta that is reshaping the internet and the world.
(2) Being human: the habits, tactics, and mindsets needed to thrive during a time of dramatic change due to exponential tech.
(3) Tech + Being Human: all the wonders that come from 'Medium Energy', aka: a state of harmony between exponential technology and the human experience.