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E13: Sven Brunner - Part I | Enterprise Spatial Computing & The Future of Collaboration

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Good day friends! We have another great show for you all today… especially if you're interested in all things spatial computing in the enterprise, along with its intersections with AI.

This interview is with Sven Brunner, the Founder & CEO of Sphere.

Sphere is one of the leading spatial computing apps in the enterprise space today. I liken them to a spatial Swiss army knife, satisfying a variety of use cases centered around immersive collaboration, and really any moment of knowledge transfer that would benefit from immersive, 3D visualization or ‘just in time’ information.

This recording went longer than expected, so we're breaking this episode into a two part mini-series.

Here in Part I we focus on the current state of enterprise adoption and hitting on a range of topics, including:

  • What the future of work & collaboration is going to look like

  • The challenges holding the back main stream adoption today

  • Where & how customers are finding success and utility

  • What conditions need exist for meaningful scale

In Part II, we’ll do a deep dive on the convergence of AI and Spatial.

Let me know what you think of this one. And if you enjoy, please consider sharing with a friend or three! (Oh, and toss a rating if you get a moment :-)

Alright, enough from me. Put on your business cap and enjoy this episode with Sven Brunner.

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