E6: Nils Pihl | The Convergence of AI, Spatial Computing, and Crypto

Technology's ultimate trifecta

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“We’re bringing digital things into our world for the first time. That’s going to be incredibly radical. And I think there are very few things you can work on as a technologist that are more meaningful than spatial computing. Because spatial computing is ultimately the eyes and ears and the proprioception, the physical understanding of the world, for AI. When you’re building spatial computing, you’re building the sensory apparatus of our future AI companions. And that’s a really meaningful thing to do.”- Nils Pihl, CEO Auki Labs

Today's episode is with Nils Pihl, the CEO of Auki Labs.

Auki Labs is one of the most fascinating startups I've come across in a while, largely because they represent the complete trifecta we focus on here at Medium Energy: spatial computing, AI, and blockchain

They’re also fascinating due to their approach to building out one of the more important, yet under discussed frontiers in technology: the ‘AR Cloud’, or Augmented Reality Cloud.

You can think of the AR Cloud as shared 3D scans (or digital reconstructions) of the physical world.

These scans act as 3D maps (or digital twins) of physical environments, acting in turn as a digital fabric upon which augmented reality devices can synchronize and overlay digital content on the real world. This will allow multiple people to see/interact with the same content all in the same location, all while giving devices an understanding of the real world.

In short, the AR Cloud is the foundation for allowing the internet to fully fuse with the real world, producing what is now being called ‘the spatial web’.

The AR Cloud won’t only be critical for AR glasses. It can also power other computer vision based systems like self driving cars, robots, drones, etc.

As for the blockchain & crypto element… No this is not about just visualizing NFTs in a virtual world. It’s being used for something much more compelling and consequential.

Excited for you to listen to this one. It’ll really get the wheels spinning, while also providing valuable insights into:

  • The technology powering spatial computing

  • Some of it's more philosophical implications

  • How we can earn an income with Spatial + Crypto

  • How spatial computing can help us thrive in a world of AI and complete automation

Alright, without further adieu, I bring you: Nils Pihl.

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