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E9: Vince Kadlubek - Part II | The Next Disney, Leadership, Love & Death

Part II of our interview with Meow Wolf co-founder, Vince Kadlubek

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Welcome to Part II of our conversation with Vince Kadlubek, co-founder of Meow Wolf, aka the ‘next-gen’ Disney, or what I like to call the ‘real-world metaverse’.

If you haven't listened to Part I, trust me… Press pause and check out that episode via this link (or the Apple/Spotify links above).

It’s garnered the best + most feedback of any piece of Medium Energy content to date. It also sets important context and provides ideas that underpin this conversation, such as…

  • The future of storytelling

  • How to tap into/harness imagination

  • Balancing spontaneity with control

  • Pricesless lesson in entrepreneurship

  • How to bring a dream & vision to life out of thin air (e.g. ‘believing the unbelievable’)

Here in Part II, we dive into the future of Meow Wolf and how they’re integrating spatial computing, AI, and crypto.

We also discuss the challenges of leading a company, dealing with failure, and adapting to your own weaknesses.

In the end, we bring things home by getting deep. We discuss…

  • Vince’s experience with love and death

  • How to incorporate these parts of the human experience into our daily work and lives.

  • What questions we need to be asking ourselves as we face this moment of exponential change

I came away from this conversation feeling really optimistic about where technology is taking us… Confident you’ll feel the same… So, let's get started.

Here’s Part II of our talk with Vince Kadlubek.