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Matthew Ball | Building the Spatial Internet, AI + The Metaverse

Discussing the updated & revised version of Matthew's best-selling book, 'The Metaverse'

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Friends, welcome back to Medium Energy!

Shaking off the Summer procrastination over here and getting back into shipping mode with a banger.

This episode was a huge milestone for the podcast, which was to interview Matthew Ball, author of the best-selling book, ‘The Metaverse’.

If you want a quick and robust download on the latest/greatest in immersive tech + spatial computing, this is as good as it gets… Matthew is one of (if not the) world’s most esteemed experts on the metaverse and spatial computing (AR, VR, immersive 3D).

He’s also a renowned investor and analyst/writer within consumer media and gaming. If you haven’t read his essays on Disney, Epic Games, or virtual reality… do yourself a favor, bookmark these links, and find some alone time. You can thank me later.

In today’s show, we discuss the revised and updated version of Matthew’s book, which is coming out on July 23rd.

The new title is ‘The Metaverse: Building the Spatial Internet’.

The Metaverse: Fully Revised and ...

This isn’t your typical ‘revised edition’. About 70% of the content is entirely new.

I mean… what testament to how fast this space is moving! For this level of update to be so necessary, and so worthwhile, all within just two years, is kind of crazy.

But it makes sense. So much has happened since, from the acceleration of AI, NVIDIA’s meteoric rise, the Apple Vision Pro, the competitive tension with Meta, the crypto bubble bursting and bouncing, the list goes on.

And in this conversation, we cover all of it, including:

  • Matthew's more philosophical views on the space.

  • The updates to the new book and how this market is evolving

  • The ‘adjacent possible’ at the intersections of AI and Blockchain

  • Digital twins + simulation + AI

  • The future of identity

  • The most important question society should be asking itself at this moment in time

We also ask Matthew, if he was starting a company today, where/how would he be focusing?

And at the end, we play a fun game to put Matthew's skills as a strategist to the test…

So if the broader evolution of the internet interests you, and if your curious how to take advantage, then strap in and perk up; this is a special one with one of the most renowned, most thoughtful, and most nuanced thinkers in the entire industry.

With that I bring you, Matthew Ball.

Medium Energy by Evan Helda
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