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E5 : The Advent of Spatial Computing, Redefining the Metaverse, and the Impact of Humanoid Robotics

An interview with Evan Helda, Principal for Spatial Computing at AWS, on Real Vision's 'Exponential Age'

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On today’s episode, we’re flipping the script. This time I’m in the hot seat, interviewed by David Mattin on Real Vision’s new segment ‘The Exponential Age’.

You can check out their show/channel via this link here. (I have a few other interviews with them coming down the pipe, so stay tuned!)

We cover a range of topics under the spatial computing umbrella, including:

  • Why the metaverse needs a reckoning, and how it should be defined (per my essay: How to Defend the Metaverse)

  • The key unlocks for spatial computing to go mainstream

  • How enterprises need to prepare for a ‘spatial first’ future

  • How to communicate the value of spatial computing internally at your business

  • The primary intersections between AI & spatial computing

  • How/why humanoid robotics = spatial computing

  • The long term implications of humanoids (per my essay: The Humanoid Race)

If interested in diving deeper into these topics & ideas, check out the essays below!

How to Defend the Metaverse

Finding Solace in the Age of AI

The Humanoid Race

Medium Energy by Evan Helda
Medium Energy
Medium Energy explores technology, being human, and how to find the right balance between the two. It has three key themes:
(1) Exponential Technology: the convergence of spatial computing (AR/VR), blockchain (web3), and artificial intelligence (AI); a trifecta that is reshaping the internet and the world.
(2) Being human: the habits, tactics, and mindsets needed to thrive during a time of dramatic change due to exponential tech.
(3) Tech + Being Human: all the wonders that come from 'Medium Energy', aka: a state of harmony between exponential technology and the human experience.