These two articles contain an outstanding analysis and outlook on the deep and nuanced potential of AR. Very insightful and I believe accurately optimistic. Cheers!

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I thoroughly enjoyed reading your insightful article. I would like to add a comment regarding communication, in particular Extasomatic Communication - a mode of communication in VR - is something I have been researching recently.

An example of ‘Extasomatic Communication’ is a user in VR communicating with another remote VR user, while simultaneously communicating with a responsive technology in real-world such as a physical robot but additionally is fully immersed in a state of flow so becomes mentally removed from reality.

Extasomatic Communication may be sub-divided into intra-cognitive and inter-cognitive communication which occurs during this immersive experience.

What are the constituents of Extasomatic Communication? How can it be measured?

How does the inter-cognitive communication (between person and robot) impact the intra-cognitive communication (between person and person)? What physiological parameters are affected during Extasomatic Communication?

All new ideas are being explored .. and I don't have the answers just yet.

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excellent article. thanks for writing and sharing. I have gone back and forth in my career working on enterprise use cases for AR and I'm torn. while I agree with you that they are compelling, I'm currently not convinced they are going to push the industry forward. and in any case, you and I agree that Apple just doesn't care about enterprise so it's a moot point anyway.

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